STRUCTURED PRODUCT – Citibank 6.00% STEEPENER NOTE – FDIC Insured & Estate Feature up to Applicable Limits

I have attached some information about this offering below.

Please note that this offer is limited in size and is being filled on a “First Come-First Served” basis.  Please call the office to confirm your interest.

Issuer:                      Citibank
Maturity:                   09/30/2034 (20 Years)

Callable:                   Yes, the first call date is 9/30/15

Coupon:                    6.00% fixed for 1 year,

  6.5 x (30yrCMS – 2yrCMS – 0.875)

  If reset today = 6.5 x (248-87.5) = 10.43% ~ 10.00% due to cap          

Minimum Coupon:      0%

Maximum Coupon:     10.00%

Frequency:                Coupon Pays Quarterly

First Coupon Paid:     12/30/2014

Denoms:                   1m x 1m

CUSIP:                      172986HD6

Price:                       $100.00

Settle:                      09/30/14

FDIC Insured & Estate Feature up to Applicable Limits


Full details of this product are contained in the attached offering.   The above is a brief description provided by the Newbridge Securities’ Fixed Income Trade Desk to our Financial Advisors and may contain inaccuracies or errors.  All Financial Advisors are required to read the attached offering statement in its entirety to fully understand this product as well as the associated risks before offering it to any clients.  In addition, please contact the Fixed Income Trade Desk with any questions on this or any product.

Product Risk Disclosure

Citibank Pricing Supplement



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Deferred Comp Labor Day Update

City Of Philadelphia Deferred Comp Update 2014

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It’s time to once again pay tribute to you and the contributions you have made to our nation’s strength, prosperity and well-being.

When it comes time to helping you prepare for your retirement and secure your retirement income, I hope you will strongly consider the innovative retirement income solutions I have to offer.

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