Important Information for Sheriffs

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The State Lodge has been tracking legislation this session that pertains to amendments to the Public Employee Relations Act (Act 195), regarding the deduction of dues from paychecks of approximately 1,000 of our members subject to Act 195, along with any political action committee contributions for all lodges including Act 111 personnel. Additionally, any “fair share” provisions under the current law, as it applies to Act 195 employees, will be removed.

Representative Bryan Cutler (Lancaster County) and Senator John Eichelberger (Bedford, Blair, Fulton, Huntingdon, and Mifflin Counties) have introduced companion legislation, House Bill 1507 and Senate Bill 1034, in both chambers of the legislature that will remove our right to deduct these types of deductions from our members’ paychecks. Similar legislation is also being followed by the legislative committee that provides the same actions and may be amendable to the above bill language.

Please contact your local Representatives and Senators and advise them that we do not support these bills or any similar legislation. Passage of this legislation will have severe ramifications for these members of the FOP.


Joe Regan, Chairman

PA FOP Legislative Committee

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