Incident in Courtroom 808 of the Justice Center on 6-28-2010

Incident in Courtroom 808 of the Justice Center on 6-28-2010

Lodge 5 is constantly and consistently trying to protect its members, especially involving courtroom behavior of judges and lawyers. We have been made aware of another incident that occurred in the Criminal Justice Center in the morning of Monday, June 28, 2010 in Courtroom 808 CJC.

A synopsis follows:

Two officers, a Sergeant and a Police Officer, came in to the FOP, voicing concern over an incident that happened in Courtroom 808 of the CJC on June 28, 2010.

The Officer stated that he had a prior contact with a female attorney, Rania Maria Major-Trunfio, who called him a “crooked cop” in open court.

This morning (morning of 6-28-2010), when the Officer  was checking into Courtroom 808, this same attorney was there and she was publicly pointing out the Sergeant, who was in the room and some of the members of the Sergeant’s squad calling them “dirty cops” in front of a roomful of police officers, defendants and witnesses.  Court was not in session at that time; at the time of the verbal assault by Major-Trunfio, the judge had not yet taken the bench.

The Assistant District Attorney in the room admonished the Major-Trunfio for her conduct and requested that she cease the verbal assault on the officers immediately. 

After leaving court, the Officers went to the Bar Association to make a complaint against Major-Trunfio.  They also were advised it would be more appropriate to make a complaint with the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board rather than the Bar Association; in fact they made their complaint to the Philadelphia office of the Disciplinary Board prior to coming to the FOP.

A voice mail message was left for the ADA as a thank you for supporting our officers and coming to their defense. The ADA’s name is known to us but they are not identified here.

The FOP would like all members to be aware of this incident if you are in court with Rania Maria Major-Trunfio.


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