Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #5


The FOP is located at 40° 5’ 56” N, 75° 0’ 10” W

Phone: 215-629-3600
Fax: 215-629-5736

Lodge Business Office and COP Shop Hours:
Saturday 8AM-12PM

Lounge Hours: Daily 7AM-3AM

Menu items served 11AM-1AM

“The GYM” Hours: Monday through Friday 5AM-12Midnight ( at 5AM enter through the 7C Lounge doors) Saturday-Sunday 9AM-4PM

Representatives are at the Lodge until 5:00 PM. After 5:00PM, you may leave a message or if its urgent you can have the on-call FOP rep contacted by police radio. You are asked to leave a message, or call Police Radio (215-686-3128) in case of an emergency. An “On-Call” F.O.P. Representative is on-call 24-hours a day and will be notified by Police Radio.

Rumors are often incorrect and/or misleading. Rumors are spread because of gaps in information. Often they have no resemblance to the actual truth about an issue. Rumors should be checked with Representatives at Lodge #5. If we don’t know we will find out and we will get back to you.

Each full-time Representative can handle general Lodge questions and information. However, each one also handles specific areas of Lodge business.

FOP meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month during the year (totaling 24 meetings) adhering to the following schedule.

F.O.P. General Membership Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month throughout the year. There are no F.O.P. meetings on the 1st., 3rd., or 5th.Tuesdays, if applicable.

The Board of Directors meeting is held on the 4th. Tuesday of every month throughout the year. All meeting times are 7:00PM.

On the 1st. Tuesday of every month an FOP Social Night is held in the Lounge starting at 7PM. This Social Night is in place of the deleted 1st. Tuesday General Membership Meeting and is a great way for members to continue the fraternalism and friendship that after meeting activities bring about.

DIRECTORS MUST ATTEND F.O.P. MEETINGS. Directors will keep up to date with their District/Unit Officers on various matters of concern and interest. You are to contact an F.O.P. representative: to clarify any rumors, make inquiries on Contract violations, about other questions, and situations that occur with an Officer or within the District/Unit, et cetera.


Members may, during the business hours of Police Personnel, look through their personnel file. This is a good practice to determine that items that belong in the file are there and also if things that should have been removed or expunged were actually removed. Personnel’s phone number is 215-686-3370 to ascertain if an appointment is needed.

Members must notify the F.O.P. when they move in order to avoid a lack of communication. Members should be encouraged to update their insurance beneficiary information with Lodge #5, and the City. This is a good practice, in general, with all your insurance policies!!

Title Name E-Mail Address
President John McNesby
Vice President Roosevelt Len Poplar
Vice President John McGrody
Vice President Steve Weiler
Vice President Nicholas Denofa
Recording Secretary John Hoyt
Financial Secretary Mike Trask
Treasurer William Sierra
Trustee John Ruane
Trustee Terryl Reid
Trustee John McLaughlin
Conductor Sharon Jonas
Guard Peter Sweryda
Chaplain Lou Campione
Legal/Labor Representative Al Kuchler
Pension Board Trustee Ron Stagliano
Catering/Marketing Representative Sharon Jonas
Catering Manager Carol Lloyd
Disability Joe Schrank
Cop Shop Pete King
Public Relations Mike Neilond
Pension Counselor Laurie Carter
Administrative Asst. to the President Taylor Flanagan
Office Manager Andrea Mruk
Administrative Assistant Debbie Barbadoro
Administrative Assistant Samantha Hawthorn
Book Keeper Mary Rhoades
Auxiliary President Donna Giulian
Chaplain Pastoral Care Father James Mac
Personal Information Change
It is very important that you notify the F.O.P. when you have a change of address or name change due to marriage, divorce, etc. We, in turn, notify both the State & National Lodges on your behalf. Keep current with your beneficiaries and insurances; and remember to notify LEHB of any changes as well.

In Memorium
Joe Cella-FOP Chaplain February 13, 1957-July 23, 2013

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